Tina Sureda Castello aka ONESTY was born and raised in Antwerp Belgium from a Belgian mother and a Spanish father.  Together with her sister , brother and grandmother they used to live in the heart of the metropole. 

Very early ONESTY took interest in music and singing.  At the age of six she joined the Antwerp Cathedral Choir. It would take her just a few more years to discover her passion for singing and songwriting, ONESTY was 8 when she started to write her own lyrics and songs.

The reggae songstress was part of the Antwerp’s Finest / Partners in Rhyme and became noticed in  the local underground HIP HOP scene very quickly.  Together with friends she organised several Open Mic sessions in Antwerp and was known in Antwerp as MC-T. 

ONESTY and the partners organised a free annual Reggae event ( Groovez Festival) in their own  neighbourhood and created once more stage opportunities for her crew and other local HIP HOP/ REGGAE acts.


Very early ONESTY took interest in music and singing.  At the age of six she joined the Antwerp Cathedral Choir and a few years later ONESTY started to write her own lyrics and songs.

The real songwriting though started to take place when ONESTY was about 17 years old, she used to be spinning vinyl records and spit het own lyrics on the instrumentals. ONESTY would participate in most of the local open mic sessions and attend concerts. In 2007 she decides to take her singing and songwriting to the next level.

In 2007 ONESTY started working with the Dubtown Band.  They recorded a demo-album titled ‘Take Your Time’ and toured in different parts of the country entertaining the crowd with a mixed show of reggae and dancehall vibes.


ONESTY was part of the Antwerp’s Finest / Partners in Rhyme and became noticed by the local underground Hip Hop scene in no time.  She organised several Open Mic sessions in Antwerp and was known in Antwerp as MC-T. Thogether with the Chicas Complicates from Down4Kix MC-T produced a theatre play about Females in Hip Hop and toured in theatres around Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Partners in Rhyme decide to give the Antwerp singing/rapping sensation a new Stage name, ONESTY. She was given this name for the reason , ONESTY has a outspoken personality and is not afraid to out an opinion. While she believes honesty truly is the best policy , it was also the beginning of a new chapter in ONESTY’ s journey.

In 2007 ONESTY puts the focus of her career on Reggae Music.  The main reason for this change of course has to do with the attraction the Conscious Rebel Genre had on the young singer and awakened ONESTY’s desire to be a part of the greater Mission.


In 2017 ONESTY gives birth to the charity foundation ‘We Are the Heroes Foundation’ . Based in Kingston Jamaica, this organisation aims to empower the youths and create doors to express their dreams and desires.

Based on the principles of Art & Education and in close association with local artists and educators WHF creates educational material for teachers and gives workshops in schools all over the island.

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The Legendary Grammy Award winning Reggae Band , Black Uhuru founded and leaded by Duckie Simpson, took the Belgian reggae singer on their 2016 US TOUR. They performed in over 30 venues across the continent. On the list are San Fransisco, Miami, New York, California, Georgia, Chicago, Colorado, Texas ,.. (click here to view the full tour-list)

Opening for a Reggae giant like Black Uhuru definitely gave opportunity for ONESTY to prove her skills on stage.  Read the review on ONESTY’s & Black Uhuru’s performance in New York , BB King Blues & Grill Club, September 2016:

“ In typical Reggae style the audience swelled as the evening progressed which is unfortunate if they missed the early warm opening act, a young lady by the name of Onesty whose name should be remembered. Currently on tour with Black Uhuru, the Reggae songstress had a captivating flow and did an amazing job as she gently lead an anxious audience eager for the main act, right into the palm of her hands. A true singer with a beautiful voice, Onesty belted out several selections intermittently chatting lightly in-between songs bringing focus to her message. Her set totally complemented what was to come and in appreciation, the audience responded with passionate applause. - See more at:

This experience had a great impact on the rising reggae star as it introduced her to an international audience and trained her to be an even better performer.  ONESTY will be joining Black Uhuru once more in 2017 , look out for updates on the website and online platforms.   

Read the article in the Jamaica Observer : “Roadwaork pays off for ONESTY”


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Is there a life beyond music?  ONESTY answers “ I think it is very important for every artist to be able to connect with their audience in the realest way.  I believe life itself is the greatest  source of inspiration, so we should not fear to be a part of it.  Work, Study, Travel, Party, make Choices and Mistakes but most of all Enjoy the Ride!

ONESTY features in the book ‘Life Beyond Reggae Music’ written by Heather Dennis.  The hard copy is available worldwide and the book tells the story of more than 25 international artists and their life beyond reggae music.  Heather Dennis goes in depth with Onesty, her past and future aspirations.

Read more. (link to the book  / pictures )

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In 2013 ONESTY signs a management contract with Marcia Simpson from Ajang Music and opens the door to an international music career.  ONESTY records her first singles in Zwijndrecht Belgium at Ebony Studio with Sen-C (Peter Boudewijns) and Courtney Edwards’s music section.  Titles like Life Starts , Not Good Enough, What Love Is, Love of a Woman were later on mixed by Jermaine Forde and released by Ajang Music on Zojacworldwide.

‘Be With me’ - ONESTY feat. Blacker was produced by Jermaine Forde and shows the versatility of the Belgian born singer. The dancehall flavoured  track did a great deal of promotion for ONESTY who enjoyed lots of airplay on Radio and Tv-stations Islandwide. The track made it to the number 1 Position on Empress Tashai’s Top 20 Chart in Connecticut and scored again on Flows Top 20 Video countdown in 2016 (Watch Video on Youtube)

‘Way To Life’ - ONESTY ft. BUGLE on the Black Uhuru’s Plastic Smile Riddim also produced by Ajang Music’s Top-producer takes ONESTY to a next field of opportunities.  The 2017 released track shows her evolution , as well musically as spiritually.  More is definitely to be expected!  (Link to the song youtube + gallery )

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ONESTY prefers the stage over the studio any time a day.  The interactions with musicians and the adrenaline that comes along with performing on stage is what attracts her most.  All those sounds that blend with your own heartbeat, as she describes the feeling..

The first time the Belgian singer got the opportunity to work with a live band was in 2006, when her uncle (also a reggae singer) known as Erick Judah brought her to his rehearsal with the riddim band Calabash.  That experience started everything for ONESTY, short after she decides to work with Dubtown Band.  The reggae-brothers from Sinaai eventually introduce ONESTY to the stage.

In 2008 they recorded a demo-album titled ‘Take Your Time’ and toured in different parts of the country entertaining the crowd with a mixed show of reggae and dancehall vibes.

In 2009 ONESTY performs live on the main stage at Reggae Geel, Belgium’s most popular Reggae Festival. 

In 2014 ONESTY takes a more international route to success and performs with Black Uhuru in Paris. In 2015 the reggae songstress performs live in North Carolina, Philadelphia, New York and Alabama.  In 2016 she hits the stage with Romain Virgo and Sanchez on a valentine-tour in the UK with stops in London and Birmingham.  Later that summer ONESTY gets to go on a island tour in Jamaica, performing more than 10 shows islandwide.

The following Tour with Black Uhuru + link to that section (aug-oct 2016) in the US counted more than 30 shows and  surely added to the list of stage experiences. While ONESTY is preparing for her next US-TOUR she will be seen on several summer festivals in Jamaica.

Keep up to date with Tour- dates and News on our website and social media : #onestymusic


First i want to thank God for Life, for for every Lesson and every Blessing. I need to thank my mother, my grandmother and dad for everything! Mom en Mouchke you guys are the best! To my daughter who is the joy of life and Abu for always being there for us. Also my sister and brother and all the blessed sisters and brothers from other mothers. What would the world look like if it were not for you ..  I want to say thanks to every person that inspired me along the way , to who is positive towards the future and to all who believes in love.

To my Team ! Thanks for everything you do! To Marcia Simpson, Jermaine Forde, Ann Marie and JayEdge from Ajang Music.  To Black Uhuru, Derrick A. Simpson and  Duckie Simpson thanks for those unbelievable experiences !  Thanks to Anngenita Neil for creating this website and for allowing me this little section ! Thank You!  We are blessed with each other!

To my beautiful daughter Jahmie for showing me sweetness is no weakness.

Let’s Shine!

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